Norton Belt Drive

Belt Drives - Use of a belt, instead of a chain, for primary drive offers many advantages including reduced vibration, lower maintenance, and less damage if a breakage occurs. Our English made belt drives feature hard anodized aluminum pulleys to minimize weight, a steel plate in the clutch pulley to reduce wear and a sealed bearing which allows the primary to be run dry, eliminating both clutch slippage from oil ruined clutch plates and a source of leaks. Use of an AT10 steel backed polyurethane belt provides greater strength than conventional belts and virtually eliminates any need for adjustment. The pulley ratios have been selected to minimize loads on the gearbox and increase the primary ratio.

As this effectively raises the gearbox sprocket by approx. 2 teeth you may want to consider going to a smaller gearbox sprocket when fitting the belt drive. We also highly suggest fitting the Dual Anchor mount shown below.

  • Commando 1969-74 - This is the newest version of the kit that is nearly a half pound lighter that the previous ones. The clutch basket/pulley is now CNC machined vs. cast, the original heavy steel backing plate has been replaced with a plain steel clutch plate to reduce weight and the grove for the retaining circlip has been relocated to provide a better "stack height" and lighter pull.  Includes two pulleys and a 32MM AT10 belt. The factory clutch center and plates from your clutch are retained to keep the cost down and ensure replacement parts are readily available.  - #C3000 - $419.00

  • Dommie/Atlas - The best way to fit a belt drive to these models is to convert to a Commando clutch (a much better design than the original) and use a variation of our Commando belt drive. To mount a Commando clutch to the earlier gearboxes either the mainshaft must be changed to the later version or a modified Commando clutch center must be used. This special center is included in Kit 1 below and is available as a separate part.

    • Kit #1 is for those with a worn out or no clutch. It includes modified Commando pulleys, a special 27MM belt to allow the retention of the original primary covers, plus all the parts needed to complete the conversion to a Commando clutch and fit it to the standard gearbox. - #A3600 - $690.00

    • Kit #2 is for racing only. It's composed of the Commando pulleys, modified clutch center and the correct length, full width 32MM belt. You must supply, or purchase, clutch plates, spring, etc. separately. - #A3602 - $529.00

    • Modified Commando Clutch Center The simplest and least expensive way to fit a Commando clutch to a Featherbed gearbox - #A3605 - $115.00

Replacement Belts - The pulley sizes on the belt drives have varied over the years and we stock all the corresponding belt lengths needed to accommodate them.
27MM x 98 Tooth AT10 - #A3606 - $74.95
32MM x 89 Tooth AT10 - #C3015 - $66.00
32MM x 92 Tooth AT10 - #C3016 - $68.50
32MM x 96 Tooth AT10 - #C3017 - $69.00
32MM x 98 Tooth AT10 - #C3018 - $68.00
32MM x 100 Tooth AT10 - #C3019 - $69.00
40MM - HD Race Belt - #C3081 - $57.00


Dual Anchor Gearbox Mount - Use of this double-sided, stainless steel unit to set the upper gearbox location eases alignment of belt drive pulleys and/or reduces gearbox movement under heavy loads. This part has been recently redesigned and although functionally the same no longer matches the current photo. Installation requires the removal of the inner primary cover and drilling of the drive side engine plate. When used on a featherbed model, the short section of chainguard attached to the factory inner primary cover blocks access to the drive side adjustment and must be removed. - #N3020 - $85.00 ($72.00 when purchased with our belt drive)

Aluminum Racing Belt Covers - A lightweight, aluminum cover intended to replace the inner and outer primary covers on Norton vintage racers. This item is intended for racing only and will not accept an alternator. While the belt is enclosed, there is complete access to the clutch and engine pulley. A mounting kit is included as are instructions. These are of high quality construction but may have slight cosmetic imperfections as, to keep the price affordable, function was deemed more important than looks. Latest version is partially closed over clutch.
Commando - #C3090 - Sold Out       Dommie/Atlas - #A3620 - Sold Out
Commando Fiberglass Outer Primary Cover (1969-74) - With Norton belt drives eliminating the oil from the primary drive, it has become increasingly popular to machine a �hole pattern� in the outer cover to both vent the belt and more importantly add a custom look to the bike. To eliminate both the need to modify the factory cover and to work around the existing inspection holes/caps, we have had a heavy duty, outer fiberglass cover produced. The standard inspection/access and oil level holes have been eliminated while the factory mounting system has been retained. The cover is currently available with a gloss black gel coat finished . - #C3093 - Temp unavailable.

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