A fire at the factory has destroyed many of their molds. At this time only the Ducati Imola, Honda K4 and the Manx seats will be available until such time that we can acquire samples of the others and have new molds made.



All the seats shown below were designed for specific applications (most can be found elsewhere on this site) but may be adaptable to models other than those for which they were intended. Seats are supplied fully upholstered and are stocked in the colors listed. For each seat, we have listed the model it was intended for and its basic dimensions - width at front, length, etc. We will be adding additional seats in the future and are in the process of creating a detailed chart of dimensions for our seats, tanks, and fairings that will post it as soon as it is completed. Call for mounting details.

Ducati Factory Seat

Ducati Factory Seat - A replica of a factory seat used on the 250 - 450 racing singles. Approximately 8 1/2" wide and 22" long with a 13 1/4" seating area. Stocked in red - #D912

Imola Seat - Originally used on the Ducati 750SS & 900SS models, it is approx. 8" wide at the front, 26" overall with a 10 1/2" seating area. See the Ducat page for more detail. - #D901 - Temp Sold Out

Imola Seat
Honda K4 Seat

Honda K4 Seat - Designed for use on Honda's popular 350 Twin when fitted with a long race tank. Approx. 9" x  17 1/2" with a 9 3/4" seating area. - #H901 - $139.00

G50 Pattern Seat - A replica of the seat used on the AJS 7R/Matchless G50 production racers, it is often adapted today for use on B50 vintage racers. A very narrow 5 3/4" at the front it is 24 1/2" overall with a bit over 10 1/4" of seat length. - #M900

G50 Pattern Seat
Manx Racing Seats

Manx Racing Seats - Patterned after the seat used on the Norton Manx featherbed racers, it is stocked in several sizes and both with (as pictured) and without a cutout for a center mount oil tank. It is normally stocked in both 9" and 10 1/4" front widths and a choice of  11 3/4" or 15" seating lengths. Add 9 1/2" to seating dimension to determine overall length.  See the Cafe Parts - Norton Featherbed page for more details.


Triumph Race Seat -This is a copy (less the center cutout) of the seat used by the Triumph factory's 1967 500 road racers and shown on page 65 of Lindsay Brooke's Triumph Racing Motorcycles in America. Its a bit wide at 10 1/2" at the front and 11 1/2" at the middle of the seating area but a very good looking seat. The seating area is a bit over 13" long with total length being approx. 24". The seat is vinyl covered except for the final six inches of so of exposed red or white gelcoat. The seat will not work with the factory hinges and is supplied without mounts. Additional details and photo's available. - #T949



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