AMAL 900 Series MK1 Concentric Carburetor AMAL MK1 Concentric Carburetors - AMAL was the main carburetor supplier for entire the British motorcycle industry and enjoyed a mixed reputation. Their designs were good but the carbs suffered from fairly rapid wear because of the inferior materials used in an effort to meet the price demands of the motorcycle manufactures. Despite this they still are a good carburetor for the money and many of their earlier short comings have been addressed.

The MK1 shown on the left was a replacement for the earlier Monobloc carburetors used on most of the British twins prior to 1967. It was less expensive to make than the Monobloc (a feature the factories wanted) and included a center mounted float bowl on both left and right handed carbs. Most twins fitted with Monoblocs used a right carb with a float bowl and, to reduce cost, a left carb without one. While working fine for normal road usage, fuel starvation could occur on long high speed runs or even on some curves which made float bowl extensions a popular accessory. Including a float bowel on every carburetor solved the problem. The std. MK1, with proper jetting, can be fitted to most British models. The exception is the 850 Commando which takes a special spray tube and slide. Carbs specifically configured for these models are available and referred to as "850, Norton or 850 Norton".

All original MK1 styles carburetors are $150.00 each or $$290.00 a set.

30mm Right -  #F2000        30mm Left -  #F2001
32mm Right -  #F2004     32mm Left -  #F2005
32mm 850 Right   -  #F2008   32mm 850 Left   -  #F2009

AMAL MK1 Premier Carburetors
 - AMAL has recently upgraded the MK1 by using better materials and an improved idle circuit which uses a replaceable pilot jet instead of the fixed pilot bush used in the standard model. The supplied jet is designed to help compensate for the changes in current fuels and uses a different numbering system to the earlier pilot jets fitted to the very early MK1s (pre-EPA mandated changes) or retrofitted into the later carbs. A new "stay up" float is included which is both puncture proof and resistant to current ethanol fuels. It's metal mounting/pivot point makes float height adjustment much easier than with the earlier float. Lastly, the slide is now hard anodized for better wear and to reduced the possibility of sticking

All MK1 Premier carburetors are $175.00 each or $$340.00 a set.

30mm Right -  #F2020        30mm Left -  #F2021
32mm Right -  #F2023     32mm Left -  #F2024
32mm 850 Right   -  #F2026   32mm 850 Left   -  #F2027
AMAL 900 MK1 Premier Concentric Carburetor


Wassell "9" Series Carburetors - Wassell is a major supplier of parts for vintage bikes in the UK and also sells their own line of products. One of these products is a lower cost copy of the Amal MK1 Carburetor. The first carburetors produced were, except for the darker fuel stain resistant, a reproduction of the original AMAL MK1 but with Wassell's version of the stay up float as standard. We currently have a small number of these carbs modified to accept and are fitted with (#25) original style pilot jets.

An "Evolution" version is now available which includes a hard anodized, CNC billet slide and removable pilot jet. Like the AMALs the pilot jet has been selected for use with modern fuels, most models come with #3 slides and an 850 Commando jetted version is available.

Std. versions are $110.00 each or $215.00 a set.               Modified versions are $129.00 each or $255.00 a set.

30mm Right - #F2075S         30mm Left - #F3076S         30mm Right       - #F2075M          30mm Left        - #F3076M
32mm Right - #F2085S         32mm Left - #F2086S         32mm Right 850 - #F2085M         32mm Left 850 - #F2086M

Evolution carbs are $140.00 each or $275.00 a set.

30mm Right -  #F2075        30mm Left -  #F2076
32mm Right -  #F2085     32mm Left -  #F2086
32mm 850 Right   -  #F2091   32mm 850 Left   -  #F2092


AMAL MK2 Carburetors - The MK2 was designed to eliminate some of the MK1's problems. It had a screw on/off plastic cap eliminating the need to deal with screws when accessing the slide/needle, was rubber mounted had a "cold start" system eliminating the tickler, etc. Problems with the body castings have kept it of the market for the past several years. We have recently be able to obtain one new production set in 32MM and hope this signals their return to the marketplace.

 32mm L&R set $519.00
32mm MK 2 Right   -  #F2034        32mm MK2 Left   -  #F2035
34mm MK 2 Right -  #F2038        34mm MK2 Left -  #F2039
36mm MK 2 Right -  #F2042        36mm MK2 Left -  #F2047
AMAl MK2 Carburetor 

MK2 Mounting Flanges - The MK2 carburetor is rubber mounted which reduces both engine heat and vibration from affecting its proper operation. The rubber tubing and clamps are included with the carburetor but the mounting flange is not. The straight flange is suitable for most applications but the curved one is needed for use on Commando engines mounted at their standard angle. For normal street use pick the flange size that matches your carb. For racing or other performance applications we recommend you buy one size smaller than your carb than port it to properly match the head & carb.
Straight $31.95 each.  Curved $48.95 These have been drilled and taped for and include our brass balance pipe. Balance pipe for installation on the Straight flange $10.95
30mm straight   -   #F2500          30mm curved   -   #F2501   
32mm straight   - #F2502                  32mm curved   - #F2503
34mm straight   - #F2504                  34mm curved   - #F2505

AMAL Special Orders - In addition to the carbs listed above, we can supply any current production Amal carbs including Monoblocs and smoothbores on special order.

MK2 Carburetors are currently unavailable. Once they are back in productions we will again stock these kits.

AMAL Single Carb Conversions
- We offer complete kits to convert your 750 or 850 Commando to a single 34MM Amal MK2 carburetor. Aside from being the same make as the original carbs, these kits offer the advantage of readily available spare parts, being easy to tune and that they can be serviced by any British bike shop. Each pre-jetted kit includes a single carb manifold, MK2 carburetor, air cleaner and throttle cable. Some fine-tuning or re-jetting may be necessary.

Commando 750 Kit - #F2050 -       Commando 850 Kit - #F2051 -     


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