See the Norton Factory Parts page for prices on the factory parts listed below plus for other clutch parts we stock.

Commando Clutch

Barnett set of four friction plates for 750's - #C3150 - $  49.95
Barnett set of five friction plates for 850's - #C3160 - $  61.95
Barnett plain steel 750/850 plate, each - #C3161 - $    7.00
Factory 750 fiber friction plate (4 required) #06-1339 - $  30.00
Factory 850 sintered friction plate (5 required) - #06-3741 - $  38.50
Factory 750/850 plain plate (3 or 4 required) #06-0746 - $  13.55
Factory 750 pressure plate - #06-0745 - $  83.00
Factory 850 pressure plate - #06-3768 - $  85.50
Factory clutch center - #06-3979 - $123.00

Commando "High Torque" Clutch Plates - The all fiber friction plates originally used in the Commando were very light and had virtually no adverse effect on the life of the clutch center. While they are a good choice for those running a "dry" belt drive, they are very susceptible to oil contamination and clutch slip on the Commando became common. Bronze friction plates were introduced on the 850 models to eliminate the problem. Unfortunately, the surface area of these plates is so great that it allows an oil film to form that the spring pressure will not disperse. Once again we have clutch slippage and enough heat generation to slightly warp the steel plates and induce more slippage. Our "High Torque" plates have had the friction surface moved to the outer edge of the plate and segmented to assist in oil dispersion. They will transmit approximately 30% more power than the stock plates and are also lighter. We also offer a matching set of hardened and lightened steel plain plates.  Set of 5 friction plates - #C3165- $179.95  Set of 4 hardened steel plain plates - #C3166 - $51.00 - 

Commando Clutch Cables - This nylon lined, English made cable is intended for use with the later alloy levers (used on switches) and provides a smoother pull than the factory version.  For  "European" bar. #C3100 - $13.95     For "US" bar. #C3101 - $15.95     Standard cable for use with clip-ons. #C3102 - $18.95

Commando Clutch Center For Featherbeds
- Commando gearboxes are fitted with a mainshaft that is both longer than those of the earlier Norton/AMC boxes and grooved for a circlip used to locate the clutch. The simplest and least expensive way to fit a Commando clutch to an earlier gearbox is to use this modified clutch center that eliminates the need to replace the gearbox mainshaft. This is the same part included with our #A360 Featherbed Belt Drive Kit. - #A3605 - $110.00

Dommie/650SS/Atlas Clutches - Complete replacement clutches have become available for these models, both late factory style and upgraded. Call for details.

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