Whenever possible please order by current part number and description. This greatly speeds the processing of your order and reduces the chance of you receiving the wrong part. The key word here is "current". Over the years British motorcycle manufactures revised their part numbering system, but never produced parts books for the earlier model incorporating the new numbers. Information on converting to new numbers is listed below.

You can order Amal spares either by the number and description shown in the parts book for your model or, if for a Concentric MK1 or MK2 carburetor, by using the simplified numbers shown on the exploded views located in the Fuel Delivery part of the site.

BSA changed to system where most part numbers are composed of two digits, a dash then four digits, though a few have a slash mark and one to three additional digits following the first six. To convert from old to new system simply insert zeros to fill in the missing digits. Note - only the last two digits before the dash are the start of the part number, some early parts book preceded the part number with a price code which must be ignored.

2-123 becomes 02-0123            40-45 becomes 40-0045
67-678 becomes 65-0678   97-789/77 becomes 97-0789/77

We use the manufactures numbers when they supply a large number of parts, as would Norton and Triumph. Other parts, such as rear-sets, fairings, etc. are currently assigned a number consisting of a single alpha character followed by three numeric ones. While not guaranteed, the alpha character can often be used as a guide to the model or usage of the part - A is Norton Dommie/Atlas, C is Commando, D is Ducati, E is electrical, etc.

Early Norton part numbers could be listed as 26076, R25830, NM16317, E9731, NMT1048 and several other variations. Most numbers today are six digits long, usually broken into a group of two and a group of four such as 06-0100. The front group "06" is the most often used but 00 through 04, along with 12, 14, and 99 are also common. The only way to update old numbers to new ones is by use of the "Supersession and Amended Part Number List." This is available by ordering part number 00-5753.

A number of older parts have been discontinued but often a later version can be used in their place. These parts are a direct replacement and while functionally the same, something has been changed (new material, different heat treating, etc.) which has dictated that a new part number be assigned. Because of this, invoices may show part numbers different from the one you ordered. You can now do a search using the old part number in the PDF list of Norton Parts and you will be taken to the modern number if available.

The alpha characters at the beginning of the part number indicate usage. Both Norton and Triumph lists include an explanation how the code works.

In 1973 Triumph converted from an alpha-numeric numbering system to a numerical one. With the exception of the numbers S1-30 through S70-7, which became 60-0000 numbers, and a few others, most part numbers are converted as shown below:

D1234   (4 digits)   becomes 60-1234 H5678 (4 digits)    becomes 97-5678
E2345    (4 digits)  becomes 70-2345     S6789    (4 digits)   becomes 21-6789
E13456   (5 digits) becomes 71-3456     T7890    (4 digits)   becomes 57-7890
F4567   (4 digits)   becomes 82-4567     W8901   (4 digits)   becomes 37-8901
F14567   (5 digits)   becomes 83-4567            

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