650 Norton

In The Beginning - Though the picture doesn't do it justice, having been scanned from a 35+ year old wrinkled and faded Polaroid, this 650 Norton was our first Cafe'. Built in the late 60's, it had all the period cycle modifications and a fully tuned engine.

The fiberglass gas and oil tanks were by REG Mouldings (who supplied Dunstall), the Manx seat from Wassell, and the top yoke, rear-sets, etc. by John Tickle. The rear wheel was Manx, as was the front 2LS backing plate fitted into a standard street hub. The fairing was from Italy via a coworker who did much of the engine work and currently owns King Motorcycles in Brooklyn, NY.

The engine mods included 11:1 pistons, a performance cam, Dellorto carbs, porting, rebalancing and more. The mufflers pictured are dual Dunstall's, one of several combinations tried to get optimum performance. (It liked racing megs best and I never did find a "quiet" system that worked anywhere near as well.) Weighing in at around 360 lbs, it moved! The down side was that while I was used to it, few others could ride it in traffic without either stalling or overheating the clutch.

Stupidly trade off after an engine rebuild in the 70's (required due to a piston failure and holed crankcase), it has lived the last few years as a pile of parts in western Pennsylvania - with the fairing, rear wheel, carbs and other bits having gone missing over the years. Since it's owner has reneged several times on selling it back to us, after a price was agreed on and when we were under the impression we had a deal, we've accumulated a couple spare 650 engines and nearly enough other pieces to but together a pretty fair replica.

Craig Murray's Triumph T140 fitted with our #U933 Flowline fairing. Craig was AHRMA BEARS Champion in 2002

Craig Murray�s Triumph T140

Clubman Racing's Atlas Racer

Clubman Racing's Atlas Racer fitted with Flowline fairing, Manx pattern 5 gallon fiberglass tank, seat and fenders, Grimeca hubs, CRA rearsets, swingarm and lightweight fork parts, Triumph 5 Speed gearbox and with head work by King Motorcycles in Brooklyn, NY. The bike was campaigned in USCRA's Open GP class and, thanks to the skills of Andrew Murray who was it's rider, won more often than justified when considering our financial investment vs. the time and money spent by much of the competition.

We recently sold this bike and it's now being run it AHRMA's "Bears" class by a "novice" racer.

Minimally modified, this MK3 is fitted with Clubman bars, rearsets and a new front fender. The hubs have been polished and a clear powder coating applied.


Ron in Iowa has built a very nice looking Manx styled Commando utilizing the stock fenders, European style fork gaiters, clip-ons, rearsets, a Manx pattern fiberglass tank, cafe seat and swept-back exhaust system.

The full Manx treatment has been given to this Hawaiian slimline Triton with its highly modified pre-unit 650 engine.



A custom Triumph fitted with our T140 Flattrack seat.

We originally built this 1967 Bonneville as a display for use at Swap Meets, etc. and it was eventually purchased by one of our VT customers. It uses our "Classic" pattern tank and seat, clip-ons, rearsets, fiberglass front fender, sweptback exhaust pipes and Rocket Gold Star mufflers. The head was ported and the engine completely rebuilt including a custom ground cam. A later 2LS front hub was utilized after being refurbished by Vintage Brake and both wheels fitted with alloy rims and stainless spokes. CRA's 1967 Triump T120 Caf�

Bob Goodpaster's 750 Norton Featherbed

Bob Goodpaster's 750 Norton Featherbed fitted with our #U932 Kirby full fairing. Bob was AHRMA BEARS Champion in 2001 and 2003.

The slimline version of the pair of Tritons with unit motors built by Henry in Florida. A combination of new, used, cafe, factory and homemade parts.

Triton Slimline

Triton Wideline

The wideline version of the pair of Tritons with unit motors built by Henry in Florida. A nice balance of new, used, cafe and factory parts.


Bob Goodpaster's 650 Slimline Norton at the 2004 Daytona Vintage Races. Fitted with our tank, seat, fenders, etc.,  it's an example of the workmanship standards that should be applied to all racers.

650 Slimline Norton


AHRMA F750 and BEARS vintage racer

Jon Revilla  is another AHRMA F750 and BEARS vintage racer running out of the Expert motorcycle shop  (John and Bob Goodpaster). This is his wideline, featherbed framed Norton racer fitted with a Commando engine, custom 5-speed transmission, our "Lyta" style tank and Kirby fairing.

Not all the great looking bikes our customers build are customs. Even on close examination, its obvious John H. in New York has put in the effort to get his Commando in better than factory new condition.


Dennis in Colorado Springs turned to a more British looks in customizing his Sportster, and it appears to have worked out well. The email accompanying the photo read -  "You said you wanted a few photos of the Commando Manx tank on my Sportster. On its first outing, I took it to a local show and won 1st place full custom XL, and best engineered. This was competing with some $80,000 plus choppers."   Thanks, Dennis.

Paul H's Atlas cafe conversion took several years, lots of work, and a bit of help from Ron's Cycle (see our People to Know page) to complete but was well worth the effort. Even in California, were superb customs are common, this one stands out.

Paul H's Atlas cafe

Paul H's Atlas cafe

John Head in NY has crafted a classic and beautifully executed cafe from his Atlas.

In the 60's George Rockett rode for both Berliner Motors (the Norton Ducati importers at the time) and Ghost Motorcycles (the largest Norton and Ducati dealer of the period). It was not unusual for race day to see George ride in the 175, 250, 350, 500 and Open classes and win most if not all of them. George now lives in the Florida Keys and has gone from rider to sponsor. His "Rockett Racing" Triumphs were fitted with our tanks, seats and fairings in the early 90's and can bee seen on page 142 of  " Triumph Racing Motorcycles in America".

George Rockett

Dick Schmidt's 1955 Dommie

Dick Schmidt's 1955 Dommie is elegance personified in a simple black and polished alloy color scheme with a bare minimum of chrome. The black hubs and fenders are very Manx like and really make the alloy rims stand out. Although based in Wisconsin the bike is, as Dick said, not a trailer Queen as he covered over 6000 miles on it last year.

When Bill B. isn't supervising a Jaguar restoration or producing performance snowmobile parts, (No, we don't understand how that goes together) he's making Nortons out of assorted piles of parts. This featherbed project came with a G15 engine opposed to the stock Atlas engine. A little custom fitting produced a factory looking installation and a bike without the traditional Dommie/Atlas primary cover leaks. The flat bar's a bit kinder to less flexible backs than clip-ons and doesn't hurt the lines as the alloy tank is more of a stylized version of the early Dommie tank than the Manx.

Bill B

Leo Geoff

With a lot of TLC and some help from Leo Geoff and our parts bins, Paul R. in Maryland has restored his 1965 Dunstall Dominator 750 to like new (or better) condition. Paul credits Leo�s engine work for the fact that even with 10:1 pistons and a Norris cam the big engine is as smooth as it is quick.

Ron M�s Massachusetts based 1971 Commando is another example of a British biked owned to be ridden and not just displayed. The light customization and practical upgrades done when the original parts were worn and needed be replaced has improved both comfort and reliability without changing the basic look or character of the bike.

Ron M

Bill A.

Bill A. in Virginia has assembled a classic featherbed with a few seldom seen features such as the hi-rise clip-ons, Manx style mufflers, single Mikuni carb, and wrapped black exhaust pipes.


Still under construction when the photo was taken, this Commando has been fitted with a fiberglass 5 gallon pattern Manx tank and matching seat, Manx style front fender, clip-ons and rearsets. Commando

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