Bar End Mirrors - These mirrors have angular shaped mirrors and are the best we've found

#M0001   -   Black Chrome by Napoleon - $37.95            
#M0002   -   Bright Chrome by Napoleon - $37.95            


Taylor Commando Head Steady

NEW - "Taylor" Commando Head Steady - Designed to fit all Commando models, this totally new and revolutionary head steady uses no rubber components and locates the motor in a more positive manner than even the Norvil version can manage. It significantly improves cornering, and handling in general, while minimizing vibration. The latest version (earlier one illustrated) is constructed of a cast aluminum main section and a Dural (high strength, aircraft grade aluminum) frame clamp. The Taylor unit is stronger and yet leaves more room under the tank for cables, etc. than other designs. Available both as pictured or with the MK3 head stead spring and mounting plate included to allow for custom tuning of vibrations vs. road holding.
Without spring - #C2790 - $135.00    With spring - #C2800 - $199.00

Commando Steering Damper - Use of a hydraulic steering damper reduces or eliminates the high-speed headshake found on some Commandos. It also can prevent the tank slappers that can occur when the front wheel encounters severe surface irregularities. Our kit includes an English made powder coated bracket that clamps to the frame down tubes and hardware to mount the damper to the factory lower fork yoke via an existing hole. A 5 position hydraulic damper is included. A photo of just the damper and bracket can be found at the bottom of the Front End / Norton Fork Page - #C121 - Temp Sold Out

Commando Steering Damper


We are still not happy with the way these fit. Email us to be informed when we are.

Roadster Side Covers - These are new production, English made, primed steel side covers from Andover Norton. After years of  suffering erratic quality from various aftermarket suppliers we can now offer "Factory" replacement  covers. The left hand panel (battery cover) has the original specification tool pocket inside it and the mounting bracket is pre-fitted with the Dzus fastener clip. The right hand panel (oil tank cover) has the spacer mounts inside to correctly align the panel to the oil tank.

The etch-primed finish is compatible with all current painting methods. The covers are available individually or as a set. Sets are priced slightly lower than if purchased individually. Prices are listed in the PDF on our our Factory Parts - Norton page.

Battery Cover #06- 3503    Oil Tank Cover #06-3504    Set #06-3503/4 

Stainless Steel Commando Seat Knobs

Stainless Steel Commando Seat Knobs - These nicely made items measure approx. 1 1/2" in diameter and are direct replacements for the aluminum factory units. Utilizes the stock retaining pins and sold as a pair. - #C6550 - $47.95


Slimline Head Steady - This dual-purpose plate acts both as an engine head steady and to help prevent bending of the frame's front down tubes if the front wheel hits a curb, etc. The head steady, though necessary, is often missing when a used featherbed frame is purchased. This reproduction plate is a close replica of the original and it can be modified to be used when a Commando engine is installed. - #A6070 - $34.50

Swingarm Bushings - Original Metalastic type. Sold as a pair. #A6190 - $44.95

Swingarm Spacer - Replacement for the factory spacer which is often damaged during bushing removal. #A6191 - $29.50

Swingarm Rebuild Kit - Included new bushings, spacer, stainless spindle and nuts. #A6192 - $95.00

Dommie Tank Badge - Replica of the round plastic Norton tank emblem used on the late 50's Dominators. Pair - #A6300 - $49.95

Slimline Engine Mount Frame Tube - Early models had the frame tube (above the swing arm) that the rear engine plates attached to bolted in place. On later models this tube was welded on. This replacement is unpainted and like the original also provides an attachment point for the rear fender. #A6504 - $108.00

Slimline Friction Steering Damper - Not as functional as a hydraulic one but very period, also doubles as a steering stop on some years. Bolts to the gusset plate below the steering head so will not work on models with welded on lock stops. Some custom fitting required. #A6075 - $84.95

Fenders - Factory fenders are not available, aluminum sports fenders can be fount on the "Cafe Parts - Norton Featherbed" page.

Engine Plates - Aluminum engine plates to fit Dommie/Atlas, Commando and twin cylinder Triumph engines into a featherbed frame are listed on the "Cafe Parts - Norton Featherbed" page.


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