AP CP2696 2-Piston Racing Caliper - This is the "non-handed" version of the original lightweight, AP Lockheed CP2195 aluminum caliper that has been fitted to race winners since 1965. This variation is one of the most commonly used calipers on vintage racers, with both pads and replacement parts being readily available. It is also a direct replacement for the heavier version used on the T140. It is of  "non-handed" design so it can be fitted to either fork leg and is supplied without brake pads.  - #G0310 -  $279.00      #G0315 - Ferodo Platinum Pads - $31.95

Rebuild Kit for CP2696 - #G0311  -  $16.95 (AP# CP2696-RK6)

Note - Genuine AP Lockheed CP2195 calipers (marked AP Racing) are available for restorations, etc. on special order. Prices are considerably higher than for the above caliper.

Grimeca 2- Piston Caliper (1050/55) - An economical, non-handed Italian made copy of the Lockheed CP2696. While the fining was eliminated, none of the performance was. Unlike the Lockheed, this caliper uses a metric fitting and 10MM mounting bolts. If requested we will supply bushings for use with 3/8" mounting bolts. - #G0300 - $210.00

Seal Kit - Replacement piston seals. - #G0301 - $13.50 

Adapter - Allows use of UNF brake line with Grimeca caliper - #G0302  -  $12.25

Brembo 30/34 RH Caliper - These are the 4 Piston calipers we will be using as an option on our 12" Commando Brake upgrade. - #G0390 - $199.00


Ferodo Platinum Brake Pads - These high performance pads are your best choice for either track or street applications.
Lockheed 2P racing caliper and cast iron disc  - #G0315  -  $31.95 
Grimeca 2P Caliper and cast iron disc              - #G0305  -  $34.95


Lockheed Adjustable Ratio - This is the master cylinder used by most of the Grand Prix teams. Its unique design allows you to dial in the amount of lever pressure you prefer for optimum braking. Special Order only at this time.
Twin disc systems - Effective bore size 19.0 to 15.8 - #G0375

 Brembo - Both 11MM & 13MM Front calipers are in stock in the $100 - $115 range. Photos and details to follow ASAP.

Lockheed CP2696 Piston Racing Caliper

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