The following items are the only ones we carry for vintage Ducatis. Unless otherwise stated, they are intended for the 250/350/450 models with "road" frames. Detailed dimensions for the seat and fairing can be had on request. At this time the Factory race seat is unavailable. The mold for the seat was damaged and we are awaiting for it to be remade.

Clip-ons Bars and Hydraulic Steering Damper Kit

Clip-ons bars
Available to fit either the 31.5MM or 35MM forks common to most Ducati singles, they are of steel tube construction for maximum strength and are made for us in England by the original supplier of rear-sets and clip-ons to Paul Dunstall.
#U532 - For 31.5MM forks - $109.00      #U535 - For 35MM forks - $ Sold out

Hydraulic Steering Damper Kit - The three piece kit is composed of a mounting bracket which clamps to the front down tube, a bracket which clamps to the left fork leg (available for 31.5MM or 35MM fork) and a 5 position hydraulic damper. The brackets are made in England by the same firm that does our rear-sets and the damper is Japanese.
#D120 - For 31.5MM forks - $189.00      #D121 - For for 35MM forks - $189.00

 Street & Racing Rear-sets ( Wide Case Models) - Both versions are constructed from chrome plated steel tubing for strength, mount to existing frame lugs for ease of installation and use the original brake cable. The street version features a folding foot peg and brake pedal to retain use of the kickstart and uses the original stop light switch. Produced for us in England by the supplier of our clip-ons and Norton rear-sets, they are top quality at a very reasonable price.
#D500 - Racing - $239.00      #D501 - Street -$329.00     

Street & Racing Rear-sets

Ducati Factory Seat

Ducati Factory Seat - This is a replica of one of the seats the Ducati factory used on their racing singles. Approximately 8 1/2"  wide and 22" long with a 13 1/4 " seating area. - #D912 Temp Unavailable

Imola Seat - A replica of the seat used on the 750SS & 900SS models. It is normally stocked in both black and a silver metal flake finish. It is supplied fully upholstered with a black vinyl seat cover complete with zippered storage compartment. Mount the same as the original factory seat. Will not fit standard Darmah frames which are wider that the SS models. - #D901- $229.00 Currently Sold Out - Please check back later.

Imola Seat

900SS � Fairing

900SS 1/2Fairing - A bit wider than most similar British fairings, its size and low cost make it a popular choice for vintage racers and café builders including BMW and Moto Guzzi riders. Of lightweight fiberglass construction, it is usually stocked in silver metal flake, black and red. It is supplied with a clear windscreen but with out brackets, mounting hardware or headlight hole. Use of clip-ons is required. - #D900 - $279.00

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