Andover Norton has been the official supplier of O.E.M./Factory Norton parts (pre 2002 models) since 1977. Most of the following items are "aftermarket", i.e. parts offered by suppliers other than AN. We are, and have been for decades, an authorized AN parts Distributor. For a list of available Andover parts see our "Factory Parts - Norton" page.


Alton Norton Electric Start Kit Alton Electric Start Conversion Kit - In around two hours you can say goodbye to kick-starting your Commando. The Alton kit fits directly onto the engine via a specially designed inner chain case supplied with starter motor already mounted. Once fitted, add a heavy duty battery, replace your existing outer chain case, finish wiring and away you go.

With each kit there is a starter motor, drive chain, sprag clutch, shock absorber, 150 watt AC generator (90-95 at cruising speed) and a specially constructed inner primary chain case plus all the necessary cables and fittings plus detailed instructions with color illustrations to make fitting the kit as easy as possible.

Watch an installation at Alton Installation

Order #C2900 - $2295.00 including shipping
Alton e Start Kit 2

Stainless Rocker Oil Feed Lines - We offer two variations of braided stainless lines to replace the Commando's original plastic one: Our best is composed of 3 stainless lines, 3 banjoes, a "T" junction and two banjo bolts. All three lines are connected to the "T" junction, which is positioned above the head. One line runs down to the crankcase and one each to the rockers. All the fittings, including the banjo bolts, are of stainless steel. - #C2060 - $199.00

A less expensive version has two stainless lines with chrome-plated banjoes on each end and includes one single and one double chrome banjo bolt. Both lines are connected to one rocker arm. The other end of one line runs to crankcase with the second line running to the other rocker.
Oil Line Kit - #C2061 - $99.00

As above but with a black finish - #C2068 - $93.00    

Anti-Drain Valve - For years Velocette successfully used a check valve in their oil tank to prevent "wet sumping" when the bike was not used on a regular (daily) basis. We offer two "in-line"  check valves that are suitable for Nortons and most other British machines and safe for use on any engine with an oil pump in good condition. Simply insert the valve in the feed line between the oil tank and engine and forget it.

The upper valve in the photo is the one we have sold for well over a dozen years. It is simply an in-line version of the one used by Velocette and they actually supplying the internal parts. Worried about oil flow? Simply install a clear line between the valve and engine and give a quick look when you start the bike (or fit a pressure gauge which warns of other problems also). #N2010 - $41.95

The bottom valve is a MCB version. To protect the engines, it is designed to default to the "off" position in case of failure and  incorporates a glass window so oil flow can be observed when the engine is running. #N2011 - $64.95

IN/EX Valve Adjusters - Two variations on the stock adjusters are available.
Set of four adjusters with "Allen socket" opposed to square tops and lightweight aluminum lock nuts. - #N1971 - $26.50
Set of four adjusters with an oversize (mushroom) valve contact area. These are US made and the best we've seen. The oversize head both eliminates point pressure/wear on the valve stem that can lead to false settings and compensates for misalignment between the adjuster and valve head.  The top is slotted for screwdriver adjustment. This design eliminates the weakness found in some "Allen" top designs and also prevents forcing the adjustment without completely loosening the locking nut. - #N1970 - $29.50

Racing Valve Springs - When 650/750/850 models are fitted with a performance cam that requires "racing" valve springs we only recommend the R/D kit which includes titanium, instead of aluminum, retainers and uses the factory steel keepers (not supplied). - #N1950 - $215.00

Pistons & Rings - Pistons for the 750/850 Nortons are available from Hepolite & GPM (current factory piston from Italy) on special order and from Cycle Craft in Taiwan. Pistons for the 500, 600 and 650 twins currently supplied by the "Factory" are by GPM. All of these pistons produce the original compression ratio. Hepolite and GPM piston sets come with their own rings. Cycle Craft pistons come without rings and for normal street application the we suggest the U.S. brand when available. They seem to work well and are the least expensive. Cycle Craft pistons have proven very reliable on the street and are much less expensive than the other brands. See the Norton Factory Parts page for current prices.

750 Piston Sets
  Std.  GPM 06-7055 Cycle Craft  06-7055T  
  +.020 GPM 06-7056 Cycle Craft  06-7056T  
+.030 GPM 06-7109
  +.040 GPM 06-7057 Cycle Craft  06-7057T  
  +.060 GPM 06-7110 Cycle Craft  06-7110T  
750 Ring Sets
  Std.  GPM 06-7058 Hastings      06.7058H US made  06.7058A
  +.020 GPM 06-7060 Hastings      06.7060H, US made - 06.7060A
  +.030 GPM 06-7122    
  +.040 GPM 06-7062 Hastings     - 06.7062H US made - 06.7062A
  +.060 GPM 06-7123   US made - 06.7123A
850 Piston Set -
 Std.  GPM 06-3838 Cycle Craft - 06.3838T Hepolite  - 06.3838B
  +.020 GPM 06-4041 Cycle Craft - 06.4041T  
  +.040 GPM 06-4042 Cycle Craft - 06.4042T  
  +.060 GPM 06-4043 Cycle Craft - 06.4043T  
850 Ring Set -
   Std. GPM 06-7958 Hastings     - 06.7958H  
  +.020 GPM 06-7960 Hastings     - 06.7960H  
  +.040 GPM 06-7225 Hastings     - 06.7225H  
  +.060 GPM 06-7226 Hastings     - 06.7226H  

Norton Camshafts  - We can supply factory and Mega Cycle camshafts on special order. We hope to have the specs and prices on-line in the near future but in the meantime you can call for details.

Andover Racing Case  Andover Norton Racing and Replacement Crankcases - The crankcase used on the Norton twins has been redesigned and strengthened several times as the engines displacement and power output were increased. However, even the late Commando crankcases would fail often enough under racing use that a number of firms began to both offer a service to modify/strengthen them or provide upgraded replacements. Andover addressed the problem by both redesigning the cases (thicker material, heavier bosses, etc.) and casting them in a higher-grade aluminum. The cases will fit both 750 and 850 models and are available in a street or a race only version as illustrated. To maximize case strength for racing extra material was added around the drive side bearing as can be easily seen. Although most of this must be machined away to for the "street" case to accept a primary cover and alternator the case is still superior to anything the factory offered in the past.  Internally both versions of the case are the same with the 850 style webbing now simply solid material, the cam area already relieved for higher lift lobes and having reinforced bearing areas. Racing cases in stock, the street version available on Special order. See the PDF on our Norton Factory Parts page for current prices. - #06-4045  & 0604045R

Commando MK3 Blanking Plate -Some become so frustrated with the Commando's electric starter they remove it. This alloy plate covers the hole left when they do so. - #C2915 - $16.50

Oil Filter Mount - If your bike was not fitted with an oil filter by the factor, this universal filter mount will solve the problem. - #U1470 - $25.95

Commando Oil Filter Kit - For early Commandos that came without an oil filter, Andover offers a complete kit "mount, filter, oil lines, etc." to upgrade to the later spec. Since the original Herringbone oil line is not currently available the kit comes with "plain" oil lines. #06-4283P - $65.50

AMAL Singe Carb Conversions - We offer complete kits to convert your 750 or 850 Commando to a single 34MM Amal MK2 carburetor. Aside from being the same make as the original carbs, these kits offer the advantage of readily available spare parts, being easy to tune and that they can be serviced by any British bike shop. Each pre-jetted kit includes a single carb manifold, MK2 carburetor, air cleaner and throttle cable. Some fine-tuning or re-jetting may be necessary. 

Kits not currently available due to MK2 Carbs not being in production. Kits will be available as soon as the carbs are.

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