We currently stock very few standard Triumph parts but have ready access to them. If you are doing a major rebuild, fax us a parts list for a price quote.

Anti-Drain Valve - For years Velocette successfully used a check valve in their oil tank to prevent "wet sumping" when the bike was not used on a regular (daily) basis. This is simply an in-line version of that same design with Velocette actually supplying the internal parts. Its suitable for Nortons and most other British machines and safe for use on any engine with an oil pump in good condition. Simply insert the valve in the feed line between the oil tank and engine and forget it. Worried about oil flow? Simply install a clear line between the valve and engine and give a quick look when you start the bike (or fit a pressure gauge which warns of other problems also). Recently other anti-drain valves have hit the market - they are usually considerably more expensive and lack the 10+ year history of successful use our unit has.  #N201 - $41.95

Alloy Points Covers - CNC machined from 6000 series aluminum, these covers are suitable for all Triumph 500, 650 and 750 twins. The covers are available in either a natural finish with "Triumph" engraved on it or with a Bonneville laser engraved a black anodized finish.
Natural #T280 - $21.95    Black #T281- $28.50

650cc to 750cc Big Bore Kit - With today's poor quality gasoline, the best way to increase the performance of your 1966 - 72 650 is to increase its displacement. This kit comes complete with new cylinder barrel, pistons, rings, gaskets, etc. While the components are all high quality, the kit is intended for street vs. track use as it includes cast, not forget pistons. #T2110 - See Closeout Page

Exhaust Spigot
- Press in steel exhaust spigots that enable the 1971 and later 650/750 models to use the earlier style clamp on exhaust pipes. Sold as a pair.  #T403 - $21.95

Oil Filter Mount - If your bike was not fitted with an oil filter by the factor, this universal filter mount will solve the problem.  #U210 - $26.95

Valve Adjusters - A set of four adjusters with an oversize (mushroom) valve contact area. These are US made and the best we've seen. The oversize head both eliminates point pressure/wear on the valve stem that can lead to false settings and compensates for misalignment between the adjuster and valve head.  The top is slotted for screwdriver adjustment. This design eliminates the weakness found in some "Allen" top designs and also prevents forcing the adjustment without completely loosening the locking nut.
500cc unit models  #T190 - $29.50       650/750 models thru 1977  #T191 - $29.50        T140 from 1978 on   #T192 - $29.50
T150 thru 1973  #T193 - $42.95   T150/160 From 1978 on  #T194 - $42.95        

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