Factory Pattern Fenders - We stock a variety of "Andover Norton" factory fenders for the Commando. Prices are listed in the Norton Factory Parts PDF.  Standard Dommie/Atlas fenders are not currently available. Though not stocked, we can usually supply most Triumph factory style fenders on special order within a few days.

Aluminum Cafe/Sport Front Fenders
- We offer two aluminum front fenders that are suitable for most British models and can be mounted with our "Y" brackets to most Norton and Triumph models. Because of the variety of tire sizes and tire shapes (tread patterns) in use it is impossible to supply a universal front fender that perfectly matches the radius necessary to match all tires. We have specified a radius that is usable with the most commonly used 18" and 19" tires. Those going to an 18" usually run a bit wider tire and the difference in overall diameter from the normal 19" is minor. Both are factory polished and finished at both ends. The wider of the two gives a bit better coverage on the 4.10 x 19 and 100 series tires used on the later Commandos, etc. Cost is the same for either at $99.50
#A8050 - 4" x 27"
#A8055 - 4 1/4" x 27"

"Y" Front Fender Brackets - Patterned after the fender mounts used on the Manx racers, they are available in several configurations.
1. Suitable for most 18" tires and the 3.00/3.25 x 19" tires originally used on the Norton featherbed models. - #A8040 - $73.95
2. Introduced when a 4.10 x 19" or wider tire started being fitted to Nortons. - #C8040 - $73.95
3. Designed for the T140 Disc brake forks and stock tire - #T8045 - $73.95

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