Andover Norton Factory Gearbox Parts - We carry the most commonly required OEM parts and rebuild kits for the later AMC/Norton gearboxes. Bearings, bushing, gears, shafts, etc. can all be found, including current pricing, by part number on the "Factory Parts - Norton" page. A link to the Andover site is also provided for those lacking a parts book or Supersession list.

Reinforced Gearbox Shell
- The Norton/AMC gearbox shell was designed for 500cc 30HP engines, not 70HP 850"s. While adequate for normal riding it is easy to break in competition or serious street riding. We now offer a heavy-duty aftermarket replacement shell for the pre-MK3 models. Presently available on special order only as #N3005. Please email for the current price.

Andover Norton's gearbox shell has now also been upgraded from the original version and can be found as 06-4126 in the Factory Parts - Norton PDF.

Dual Anchor Gearbox Mount
- This is the item we advocate for use when fitting a belt drive to make belt adjustment easier. However, the practice of using dual adjusters has been around a lot longer than belt drives and it was a common modification to Norton racing twins in the 60's to keep the gearbox from moving about under power. The kit is made from stainless steel and requires removal of inner primary cover and the drilling of the drive side engine plate to install.  #N3020 - $94.00

Dual Anchor Gearbox Mount
Norton / AMC 4 Speed Close Ratio Conversion  

Norton / AMC 4 Speed Close Ratio Conversion
- Five speed conversions have been popular with racers since the 60's, but they are both expensive and a bit fragile when used with 750/850 engines. This less well-known 4-speed CR conversion offers a improvement in gearing at 1/3 the cost and maintains the reliability of full width gears. Gear set stocked allows use of the kickstart and is suitable for street or track use. A non-kickstart version is also available. Ratios are 1:1, 1.15:1, 1.4:1, 2.05:1 (1.8:1 without kickstart). This item is available on special order only. Email for current price - #N3010

Dommie/Atlas Kickstart Lever - The factory has recently introduced a new kickstart lever to fit the Dommie, Atlas and most Matchless models with an AMC gearbox. We offer both the factory item and a lower cost aftermarket version. #04-0434 (see Factory Parts - Norton PDF for current price)

Gearbox Cover Allen Set - Includes the five outer cover screws and the two for the inspection cover, all in stainless steel. Fits all AMC gearboxes whether Dommie or Commando. See MFCG37 & MFCG37E in our Norton stainless parts list for current prices.

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