At this time all clip-ons are out of stock


CRA Clip-ons - We offer our own brand of chrome-plated clip-ons in a variety of styles and sizes. All are made from high-grade steel tubing, feature crossover joint construction for maximum strength and are brazed opposed to being welded for longevity. These bars are made in England by the same firm that supplied Paul Dunstall.
32mm - #U532 - Early Ducati singles, etc. - $109.00
34mm - #U534 - 60's Triumphs - $119.00
35mm - #U535 - Norton, 70's Triumphs - $119.00
35mm - #U555 - 5 degree steeper bar angle - $129.00
37mm - #U537   - $119.00
Swan-Neck Clip-ons - Ideal for those who want the look and riding position adjustability offered by clip-ons but prefer a bit higher riding position. Raises the height of the bars approximately 3" above standard clip-ons. $149.00

34mm - #U504     35mm - #U505 

Clubman Bars
- K & N, who were the main U.S. supplier of Clubman bars, no longer makes them. We now offer two fixed Clubman bars by Tommaselli plus their adjustable version and a fixed bar by Privateer. Spec's on all bars to be posted later. Call for details.

Triumph "M" Bars - Triumph's use of "P" clamps to mount the handlebars prevents the use of traditional Clubman Bars on their models. Norman Hyde has developed the "M" bar to be compatible with the "P" clamps and still provide a riding position similar to the one that would be produced by a clubman bar. A 1" version to fit the new Bonnie is also available. - #T510 

Norton Bars - We stock both factory and less expensive aftermarket bars for Nortons. See Norton Factory page for current prices.

#06-1046 - Factory "U.S." bar
#06-1046C - Aftermarket "U.S." bar, pretty good copy
#06-4123 - Factory "Euro" bar
#06-4123C - Aftermarket "Euro" bar, 3 1/2" rise then flat.
#A044 - Copy of the Dommie bar approx. 28 1/2 wide with a 3" rise and 5" pull back.

Dummy Bar - These short, 4 �� long, chrome plated tubes (with capped ends) were often used on Dunstall's, JPS Nortons and other cafe machines using clip-ons. Fitted in place of the stock bars, they were used as a mounting place for the choke lever and to tidy up the look of the top yoke. - #U510 - $19.95

Amal Brake & Clutch Levers - Aluminum, ball end control levers with a built in cable adjuster. They have a substantial one piece fixing clamp so must be slid on to the handlebar. The design has been available since the 60's. The originals were made in Spain by Amal and came as standard equipment on some BSA's and various Spanish made models. A Taiwanese copy is currently the only version available. Sold in pairs.  #U509T - $17.95
Replica Tommaselli Brake & Clutch Levers - Like the above Amal levers these are of polished aluminum with ball ends. Cable adjusters are built in and rubber water/dust covers for the end of the cables are included. The main body attaches to the bar via a chrome plated steed mount and the levers have cast-in finger grooves.  #U520T - $43.95


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