Spark Plug Caps and Wires
KLG type rubber plug caps, pair. - #E0160 - $2.75
Champion 10" black wires with plug caps, pair. - #E0430 - $22.50
Champion 24" black wires with plug caps, pair. - #E0440 - $24.50
Packard 10" black wires with plug caps, pair. - #E0460 - $14.95
24" Grey wires (2) with plug caps, pair. - #E0440 - $21.95

Boyer Electronic Ignitions
- End setting and changing points forever by eliminating them. Boyer's MK3 ignitions were the most popular ignition upgrades for British motorcycles and one of the most common modifications made today. Boyer has upgraded their systems to a MK4 version which fires more reliably when the battery voltage drops below optimum. Regardless of the version, both plugs are fired at the same time and for best results either two 6 volt coils or one dual output twelve volt coil where the total coil resistance is between 2.4 and 4 ohms should be used. We have a small number of the original MK3 models in stock and will offer these at a reduced price while supplies last.

Latest MK4 versions                Original MK3 version        
Norton Commando -  #E0100 - $134.00   BSA/Triumph 650/750 Twins - #E0110/3 - $114.00
BSA/Triumph 650/750 Twins -  #E0110 - $134.00            

Pazon Sure-Fire Ignition - These systems are designed and manufactured in New Zealand by ex Boyer staff who believed they could make a better product. Fitting all Norton, Triumph and BSA 12V twins, they function down to approx. 8 volts, have reverse polarity protection (in case of wiring errors when installing), timing marks on the pickup plate4, etc. Includes full installation instructions. #E0090 - $159.00

Tri-Spark Classic Twin Ignition - Utilizes 21st century digital technology to provide simple installation, easy starting with no kick back and superior running. It's unique in that it does not utilize a separate "black box", the entire unit fits within the points cover. Now with self test mode.
#E0030 - For Counter Clockwise Rotating Models - Commando with points in the Timing Cover, BSA Twins, etc. - $239.00
#E0031 - For Clockwise Rotating Models - Triumph Twins, Atlas & Command with distributors, etc. - $239.00

        Wassell Electronic Ignition - This unit is made in the EU exclusively for Wassell Ltd. which is one of the UK's largest distributors of parts for vintage British motorcycles. It uses a unique CNC produced billet stator plate which has all it's components fully encapsulated in resin to minimize potential damage to the pick up coils, etc. Damage to these components is the most common cause of failure on ignition systems from other manufactures. Fits all models that utilize side mounted points including Norton, Triumph and BSA twins and most British singles.  #E0010 - $119.00

Magneto Replacement Kit
- Designed for those with a magneto ignition (Lucas K1/K2 pattern) who wish to replace it with an electronic one or who's magneto has failed and are leery about having it rebuilt. The kit includes the above Wassell Electronic Ignition, a pair of 6V Lucas style coils, a CNC machined aluminum housing that bolts on in place of the magneto and an 18T sprocket to replace the original auto-advance/drive unit.  #E0020 - $359.00

Lucas Style Ignition Coils - Two 6-volt coils are recommended for use with the Boyer ignition when attempting to keep a stock appearance.
German version of the Lucas coil.        #E0280 - 6 volt - $68.95    #E0290 - 12 volt - $68.95
Economy model from a UK supplier.   #E0281 - 6 volt - $27.95
Economy model from a US supplier.   #E0282 - 6 volt - $29.95    #E0291 - 12 volt - $29.95
Lucas - Current production item.         #E0283 - 6 volt - $31.95
The coil mounting clamp.                    #E0320 - $6.35

Ignition Points & Condensers - Numerous British models used the same points and it was not uncommon for the same model to use different points in different years. The applications listed are only some of the most common uses, not a complete list. Check your owner's manual/parts book to verify which are needed for your year/model.

Lucas Number Description Order Number Price
54440888 Points - K1F & K2F Magneto, Dommie/Atlas E1200 $14.95
54415803 Points - Most 1963 - 1967 Twins E1210 $  8.10
54419827 Points -1968- 72 BSA/Tri/Norton Twins E1220 $  8.95
60600271 Points - 1973 on BSA/Tri/Norton Twins E1230 $  8.95
54441582 Condenser - E0990 $  6.95
54420128 Condenser - Most twins 1968 - 70 E1000 $  8.50

Booster Capacitor - Used to make starting easier for coil ignition models with a weak battery or that have been converted to battery less operation. Also reduces lights flickering at idle or blowing out at speed. Made in the UK. - #E0150 - $31.95

Universal Ignition Switch
- Low cost, two position switch with lock and key that controls power to both ignition and lights. - #E0040 - $12.95

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