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Alternators - All new rotors are 6 pole with a welded center and supersede all earlier versions.
Stators are listed by original Lucas numbers and output rating as well as manufacturer. 

Lucas Rotor - #E1050 - $ 114.00
EMGO  Rotor - #E1051 - $ 99.00
RM21 / 47205 10 Amp stator - Lucas - #E1010 - Sold Out
RM21 / 47205 10 Amp stator - EMGO - #E1011 - $   99.00
RM23 / 47239 16 Amp Stator - Lucas - #E1020 - $ 110.00
RM23 / 47239 16 Amp stator - Wassell - #E1021 - $ 99.00
47194 14.5 Amp substitute for 47205 - EMGO    - #E1031 - $ 119.00
Lucas 3 Phase / 3 Wire / 14.5 Amp - #E1035   $ 129.00
EMGO 3 Phase / 180 Watt - #E1037   $ 129.00

Alternator Stator  Welded Center 6 Pole Alternator Rotor 

Alternator Kits - Currently two complete kits that include a stator, rotor and solid state rectifier/regulator are available. The single phase kit is the simpler and less expensive of the two. The three phase is probably a better choice for those living in areas that require daylight headlights or who run high wattage headlights as it produces increased output at lower RPM.
Single phase kit              -  #E1088  -  $259.00
High output 3 phase kit  -  #E1089  -  $289.00

Solid State Rectifier-Regulator Units - Much of the "reliability" problem associated with British bikes related to the electrics. Many of the problems encountered during the classic era can be eliminated by careful assembly (preventing wiring from rubbing against sharp edges, etc.) and by switching to modern solid-state electronic rectifier/regulator combination. They will greatly improve your electrical systems reliability and are small enough to be hidden from view if you wish to keep the bikes stock appearance or minimize the wiring in view on a custom cafe model. Three styles are offered to choose from:

Podtronic Solid State Rectifier Regulator  Podtronics - Designed to work with either positive or negative ground systems. The electronics are epoxy encapsulated into a heavily finned  aluminum case with built-in mounting holes. Measures 2 3/4" x 2 3/4" x 1 1/4".
Single Phase 120W - #E0910 - $51.50       Single Phase 200W - #E0911 - $54.95
Single Phase 200W with a built in booster cap - #E0912 - $64.95
Three Phase - #E0913 - $62.95

Tympanium - Works with either positive or negative ground systems. Epoxy encapsulated into a plain aluminum case with mounting holes.
Measures 2 1/4" x 3 1/4" x 3/4"- Single Phase - #E0900 - $52.95 
Booster Capacitor - Used to make starting easier for coil ignition models with a weak battery or that have been converted to battery less operation. Also reduces lights flickering at idle or blowing out at speed. UK origin, mounting spring sold separately. - #E0150 - $31.95   Booster Capacitor 
 Lucas Wiring Harness Lucas Wiring Harnesses - Lucas was the main supplier of electrical components to the British motorcycle industry when it was the largest was in the world. While the reliability of motorcycle electrics of the period left a lot to be desired, many of the problems resulted from a lack of maintenance or improper refitting of tanks, seats, etc. resulting in pinched/cut harnesses, loose connections, etc. In addition, manufacturers had demanded Lucas produce products that both fit in the limited space available and function in a very harsh environment yet cost nearly nothing. When the total allocated to build a bike such as a Norton Atlas was in the $300.00 range it didn't allow much to pay for all the electrical components, so in fact Lucas really did not do such a bad job.

Today Lucas is an international company with products produced in factories around the world. The harnesses below are made in the UK and of higher quality than in the past. Major harnesses are cloth covered, smaller ones like the MK3 ignition sub harness are not.

1968 - early 69 Commando with a distributor - Main Harness (Lucas #54956250)     -  #06-8065L  -  $ 72.50
1970 - 74 Commando Main Harness - #06-2089 (Lucas #554960723)  -  #06-8069L  -  $ 84.00
1970 - 74 Commando Headlight Harness - (Lucas #54960724)  -  #06-8067L  -  $ 54.00
1975 MK3 Commando Main Harness  -  #06-6396L  -  $ 93.00
1975 MK3 Commando Headlight Harness  -  #06-6438L  -  $ 87.00
1975 MK3 Commando Ignition Sub-Harness  -  #06-6242L  -  $ 12.00
1969 - 70 Triumph T120 Main Harness - (Lucas #54955256)  -  #T2825     -  $ 96.00

Lucas Bullet Connectors
Male bullet connector. Crimp or solder  - #E0350 - $.90
Single female connector - #E0351 - $.60
Double female (all four inputs tied together) - #E0352 - $.85
Triple female (all six inputs tied together) - #E0353 - $7.80
5X female connector (five independent single connectors in a common block) - #E0355 - $14.50

Rubber Tie Downs
- Traditional pre-plastic rubber tie downs as used by the factories to locate small wiring harnesses. A must for that 100% restoration. - #E1300 - $1.40

Wiring Harnesses
- We can supply factory style harnesses for most popular British models. Additional Norton harnesses can be found by part number in our Norton Factory Parts PDF. Call for price and availability for other makes. harnesses can be found by part number in our Norton Factory Parts PDF. Call for price and availability for other makes. 

Harness Wire - For those looking to make a new custom harnesses for their bike or are in need of a length of wire to repair their current harness we carry a variety of colors. All wire is 16GA and is sold by the foot @ $0.20 a foot. Order by part number and required length.

U0300     Red      U0309     Green / White
U0301 Brown   U0310 Green / Yellow
U0302 Blue   U0311 Brown / White
U0303 White   U0312 Brown / Black
U0304 Black   U0313 Blue / Red
U0305 Brown / Green   U0314 Blue / White
U0306 Brown / Blue   U0315 Red / Black
U0307 Black / White   U0316 Green / Black
U0308 Black / Yellow      

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