2LS Stiffener Kit - A factory supplied kit to improve the operation of the Commando 2LS front brake by keeping the entire width of the brake shoe in better contact with the drum. - #06-3410 - $120.00

2LS Stainless Brake Levers - Stainless Steel copies of the factory levers. Long lever - MCW080 - $29.95  Short Lever - MCW081 - $24.50

Brake Pads
- Please note there are no MK3 "rear" pads so fronts must be used.
Ferodo Platinum - Our choice. Works as well on carbon or stainless steel disc. - #C0250 - $32.95
AP - These are the current "Factory" pads. - #06-6005 - $34.95

Ferodo NOS - Older technology but a good, and inexpensive, choice for the MK3 rear - #C0249 - $15.95

Brake Hoses - We currently offer Venhill hydraulic hoses to suit factory US & UK handle bars. Both are priced at $55.95.
US bar #C0310     UK bar #C0308

Brake Shoes - New production, high quality Ferodo brake shoes sets with "bonded" linings.

Dommie / 650's / Atlas front (06-7715) - #N0245 - $48.95
Commando 2LS front (06-0006) - #N0250 - $48.95
Norton heavy weight twins rear (06-3417) - #N0255 - $48.95

Rear Brake Safety Spring - This low cost, easily installed spring keeps your rear brake lever from digging into the ground if the brake cable should brake. While not a common problem, a cable braking when you're entering a left hand corner could have disastrous results. An additional benefit is a much more positive pedal return and deactivation of the brake light switch. - #C0290 - $7.40

Front Master Cylinder  - Both EOM style complete new master cylinders (06-5742/13) or master cylinder bodies (06-5741/13) in 13mm are now available and will be included in our Factory parts list PDF in the near future.

 Master Cylinder Resleeving Kit - One of the reasons for the Commando's poor front brake operation is the size of the stock master cylinder. Replacing the standard master cylinder with our Grimeca 13MM unit improves braking, but is unacceptable to those trying to maintain a stock appearance to their bike. This kit reduces the bore of the standard unit to 13MM. From the feedback we have received, it works well and greatly improves braking, however as you must now drill and tap the end of the bore to install the new sleeve we strongly suggest professional installation. - #C0240 - $76.00  Replacement piston & seals for the resleeve kit - #C0241 - $26.95

Resleeved Master Cylinder - We offer an exchange service that swaps your serviceable old master cylinder for a Miles rebuilt master cylinder that has been totally refurbished, including powder coating, and converted to 13MM. Turn around time varies but currently runs around 2 weeks. All models - 750, 850 & MK3 are available. $199.00

MK3 Rear Master Cylinder - As with the front master cylinder, complete units nor bodies are available from the official parts supplier (Andover Norton). Their 19-4700 repair kit includes all the internal parts and several parts that are not illustrated are available (See end of the Factory Parts List for prices). We can supply a new Piston Pusher Assembly in stainless steel (pusher, threaded rod, clevis and locknut) and stainless pistons. A standard bore stainless body is available as is a 13MM version. As people often forget to loosen the grub screw when removing the body from the mounting block and ruin its threads, the 13MM version is also available with a new machined (non-stock pattern) mounting block.,

Replacement Body - Std. Bore - #C0362 - $  43.00  
Replacement Body - 13MM - #C0360 - $179.00  
Replacement Body & Mount - 13MM - #C0361 - $239.00  
Piston Pusher Assembly - #C0363 - $  34.95
Piston - #C0364 - $  19.95  
Inner Boot - #AP3811-42 - $    6.65  
Outer Boot - #AP3812-737 - $    5.75  
Paper Washer under Reservoir - #AP3853-235 - $     .35  

Please note - Grimeca Calipers have just become available again and we will soon respec & reprice this kit using the AP Caliper. Disc Brake Upgrade Kit - Our newly developed kit uses only the original disc mounting bosses to hold the (4 bolt) adapter plate that correctly locates an aluminum Grimeca 2P brake caliper to work with our 12" floating Disc. By eliminating the traditional fender bracket tab as a third anchor point we have produced an adapter plate that is lighter to reduce unsprung weight. In addition, the tab both offers little if any rigidity to the mount and, as it is not a machined part, its location on each leg varies enough to require custom fitting of the adapter plate to keep it parallel to the disc surface. The kit includes, and was designed to be used with, Ferodo's FRP213P Platinum brake pads, the best pads we have found to date. Because the Grimeca caliper's mounting bosses are sized for 10MM bolts, we have had bushings made to allow use of standard 3/8 UNF bolts. This not only makes it easier to replace the mounting bolts if there is ever a need to do so, but also makes for a more symmetrical appearance as the heads of the 3/8" and 10MM bolts differ greatly in size. A new metal line from the caliper to the brake hose support bracket will be added in the future. Kit Includes: 12" floating Disc, Grimeca 2P Caliper and Bushings, Ferodo Pads, Adapter Plate with Stainless Mounting Bolts/Nuts, and instructions.  #C050 -

12 Inch Floating Disc

12" Floating Disc - This replacement for the factory disc is a true floater. The CNC machined aluminum center bolts directly to the Norton hub and is connected to the cast iron disc by polished stainless steel buttons and spring "E" clips. Though 1 1/4" larger in diameter than the original disc it weighs a full pound less. Fitting the disc requires either relocating the stock caliper or adapting a more potent one. In either case, a new  lower hydraulic pipe is necessary. In addition, as the new caliper/adapter plate occupies the space normally used by the rear fender brace on pre-MK3 models the brace must be modified, replaced or a different fender used. (Call for details if required) Even with the modifications needed this is one of the best ways to improve your Norton's braking action. - #C0040 - $319.00

Adapter Plates - In addition to the kit listed above, we also offer traditional 3 point mounting (5 bolt) adapter plates to allow the fitting of a Grimeca or Lockheed 2 piston racing calibers to the Commando fork for use with either the standard disc or our 12" version. Depending on the caliper /pad combination selected, it may be necessary to modify  the brake pads when either caliper is fitted to our 12" disc. An adapter similar to the one in our C050 kit will soon be available for use with the standard Commando disc as will be one to mount a Brembo 4 piston caliper.
#C007 - As shown on the right for use with a 12" disc. - $59.00
#C011 - 3 Point (5 bolt) style for use with the stock disc. - $67.95 (Temp out stock)
#C053 - Matches Brembo 30/34 (40MM mount) to our 12" Floater & Commando fork slider. - $55.00

Adapter Plates

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