All CRA gas tanks are intended for show or race application and are not guaranteed suitable/legal for street use. Until recently our fiberglass tanks were unaffected by the ethanol  in today's gasoline, something has changed in the gasoline and this is no longer true.  Until this problem is resolved fiberglass tanks are unavailable. We expect to have a limited number of aluminum tanks of the same pattern as those shown below in the near future. All alloy tanks are not equal and we have heard of, and seen, to many deficiencies in the more readily available alloy tanks. We prefer to buy from suppliers that have proven themselves to us, even if the supply is erratic.


Norton's very successful "Manx" single cylinder racer provided the styling inspiration for many of the 60's cafe racers with the original "Tritons" being Triumph 500 engines fitted in a Manx rolling chassis. The "featherbed" frames and forks of the race and street models were very similar, so adapting Manx cycle parts to street models was easy. The style became so popular that "Manx" tanks and seats were offered to fit a variety of BSA and Triumph models. The Manx style has lost none of its appeal with time and is still the most popular vintage cafe look.


Manx 5 Gallon Pattern Tank - A fiberglass copy of the factory Manx tank that has been modified to fit the Commando frame. The tank features a �Monza� type filler cap, outlets for two petcocks and recesses at the front section for increased hand to clip-on clearance. It mounts using the same method as the stock tank and is available with your choice of a bright red or black gel coat finish. A Commando with this tank is shown on the "Customer Bikes" page. - #C950 - $449.00

MC Cafe Seat - With a style that is a mix of Manx and Production racer, this is currently the only seat available for use with the Manx tank. Thickly padded, it is fully vinyl covered and trimmed with red piping. Like many other current English made seats, it requires fabrication of mounting brackets. - #C951 - $219.00

Commando Tanks & Seats - Currently under development are additional seats to match our Manx tank and a fiberglass Lyta Sprint style tank (see the Featherbed Cafe page). We are also working at reintroducing several tank/seat combinations that we offered in the past. We will post these here as they become available.

Aluminum Front Fender -We offer two aluminum front fenders that are suitable for most British models and can be mounted with our "Y" brackets to most Norton and Triumph models. Both fenders are factory polished ( i.e. polished but could use additional work) and are finished on both ends. The radius will work with both 18” & 19” tires – however due to the variations in tire profiles and sizes it is not possible to produce a fender that is a perfect match for all the variations suitable for vintage British models so a bit of compromise is a must.

#1 - Intended for tires up to 100/90 in width the fender is 4” in width and 27” in length (measured on the curve). It has the more round profile of the two and a radius of approx. 13 3/4 (they are hand rolled and finished). #A8050 - $99.50

#2 - Measuring  4 1/4" wide x 27" long with a slightly flatter profile this version provides better coverage on the wider front tires in common use today than our 4" model but is still 3/4" narrower than the stock Commando fender. Radius is also approx. 13 3/4”.  #A8055 - $99.50

"Y" Front Fender Brackets - Patterned after the fender mounts used on the Manx racers, they are available in two models determined by tire size.
1. Suitable for most 18" tires and the 3.00/3.25 x 19" tires originally used on the featherbed models.  #A8040 - $73.95
2. A taller version introduced when a 4.10 x 19" or wider tire started being fitted to Nortons.  #C8040 - $73.95

16 Piece Stainless Steel Hardware Kit + Grommets to mount the Y Brackets to the fender.  #A8041 - $3.95

Aluminum Rear Fender - A reproduction of the Roadster fender in aluminum with no holes drilled in it so it can be cut to the length desired. (Note - if your seat is supported by the rear fender you should either modify the support or not use this fender) - #C807 - $120.00

Manx Fly Screen - Norton's Manx racers had brackets on the frame aft of the shocks to hold the side racing numbers. This is a reproduction of the late style nosepiece the factory supplied as a mounting location for the required front number. It is supplied in a black, gel coat finish and includes a small Plexiglas windscreen. These were commonly used in the 60�s to give a race bike look by cutting a hole in the front and mounting them over the headlight. - #A905 - $79.00 Temp Sold out.

Mounting Brackets - Clip on screen mounting brackets for Norton, late model Triumph, and other approx. 35mm forks. Suitable for race use only. - #A907 Sold out.

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