We stock pipes and mufflers from a variety of suppliers and in a variety of styles including (when available) the swept-back pipes first used on factory racing singles such as the Norton Manx and popularized for the twins by Paul Dunstall. Additional mufflers that are adaptable to a Norton can be found on our Universal Exhaust page. We try to insure that our products are of good quality and value but, as it is impossible for us to trial-fit everything we sell, occasionally it may be found that a supplier has a produced a product that needs a bit of tweaking to fit properly. If this occurs, call and we will either give advice on fitting or approve a return.


The 750 Commando used a variety of exhaust pipe styles depending on the model. Until now a "factory" replacement  was unavailable for any of the variations. Andover Norton, the source for factory parts, is now offering exhaust systems for all the various 750 models (but no 850 pipes). In addition to their superior fit and chrome plating, the pipes feature a heavy duty, machined (opposed to rolled) surface at the head end. This assures not only a better exhaust seal, but should eliminate the breakage where the locking ring holds the pipe to the head. Though more expensive than those from other suppliers, the quality of the pipes and their expected longevity more than justify the additional cost. Supplies are limited.

The 850 Commando, unlike the 750, used pipes connected together near the head. Though offering a slight performance increase, they tend to leak and rust at the junction, rattle loose and cost more. Due to this, many owners of pre-MK3 models change to the 750 style when replacing pipes. If you choose to do so, be aware that the 850 exhaust locking rings are shorter than the 750's and you must either switch to the 06-3555 locking rings (850 style locking ring in the 750 length) or make up the difference in length with extra exhaust gaskets. The MK3 used a slightly larger primary cover than the previous models and due to this requires its own pipes. A switch to 750 pattern pipes is often (but not always) possible but does take considerable "tweaking" to get them in place.

Stock exhaust pipes are 1 3/8" in diameter. We offer a chrome exhaust system that features 750 style pipes but that fit closer to the frame for better ground clearance and are 1 1/2" in diameter for better engine breathing at high RPM. The system includes matching peashooter style, straight through, baffled, seamless mufflers and stainless steel mounting brackets. These are tuned systems with the pipes being longer than stock and the new brackets properly locating the mufflers.

Exhaust Pipes
 Note - MK2 850 balanced pipes are not currently available from our suppliers. Mk3 ones will be in stock soon
#C4010 - Std. 750 1 3/8" dia. Roadster pattern (06-3375/6) by Andover Norton - $219.00
#C4011 - Std. 750 1 3/8" dia. Roadster pattern from the UK  - $179.00
#C4013 - Std. 750 1 3/8" dia. Roadster pattern from Harris -
#C4015 - Early 750 1 3/8" dia. pattern for use with Dommie type muffler by Andover Norton - $205.00
#C4016 - Early 750 1 3/8" dia. pattern for use with Dommie type muffler from the UK  - $189.00
#C4030 - Big Bore 750 pattern, 1 1/2" dia. pipes - $179.00
#C4039 - Interstate 1 3/8" dia. pattern (06-3130) by Andover Norton -  Unavailable at this time
#C4040 - Interstate 1 3/8" dia. pattern from the UK  - Sold out
#C4060 - 750 "S" 1 3/8" dia. pattern (06-1320/23) by Andover Norton - $210.00
#C4070 - 750 "SS" 1 3/8" dia. pattern (06-2380/81) by Andover Norton - $210.00
#C4080   Swept Back/Dunstall style pipes are currently unavailable and we don't have a date when they will be.
Exhaust Pipes

Mufflers (pair)
#C4020 - Seamless Peashooters - 1 3/8" dia. from the UK - $279.00
#C4022 - Peashooters - EMGO with seams (as cheap as it get) 1 3/8"dia. - $149.00
#C4031 - Big Bore Peashooters - Seamless, 1 1/2" dia. - $279.00
#C4028 - Free Flowing copy of MK3 with end cap in chrome not black - Sold out
#C4041 - Interstate Mufflers from the UK - Temp sold out
#C4062 - "S" Mufflers from the UK - $279.00
#A4070 - Dommie Style 1 5/8 inlet Mufflers for late Dommies & Early Commandos by Andover Norton - $349.00

Exhaust Accessories
06-2412 - Tab Washer - $1.95
06-2464 - Lockring - Early 750 (long) pattern for unbalanced pipes - Chromed Brass - $26.50
06-2464/1 - Lockring - Early 750 (long) pattern for unbalanced pipes - Unplated Brass - $24.95
06-3555 - Lockring - Late 750 (long) pattern for unbalanced pipes  - Chromed Brass - $39.50
06-3555P - Lockring - Late 750 (long) pattern for unbalanced pipes  - Unplated Brass  - $39.95
06-3988 - Lockring - 850 (short) pattern for balanced pipes           -  Chromed Brass - $49.95
06-3990 - Collets set pre-MK3 850 - $12.60
06-3995 - Exhaust Sealing Washer - $.90
06-5259 - MK3 Seating Spherical - $9.00
06-5260 - MK3 Collet - $9.50
06-1314 - Heat Shield Set for "S" System (4 piece) from Andover Norton - $182.00
#C4064 - Heat Shield Set for "S" System (4 piece) from the UK - $87.00
#C4025 - Brush Finish Stainless Roadster Muffler Brackets (6) - Replaces 06-1720/21/22 - $46.00
#C4065 - Chrome plated mounting bracket (Dog Leg) for "S" system mufflers - $52.95
#C4066 - Stainless steel mounting bracket (Dog Leg) for "S" system mufflers - $76.95

Muffler Clamps - Use a clamp one size larger than the exhaust pipe. Ex. - A 1 1/2" pipe needs a 1 5/8" clamp.
#M4310 - 1 1/2" I.D. Chrome - $7.50 
#M4320 - 1 5/8" I.D. Chrome - $12.50
#M4330 - 1 3/4" I.D. Chrome - $9.90
#M4331 - 1 3/4" I.D. Chrome - $4.50


There have been relatively few variations in the pipes used on the featherbed twins. When the 650SS was created it used pipes based on the 600cc Dominator's, but modified to match the port angle of it's newly designed head. The Atlas exhaust pipes were interchangeable with the 650's, but U.S. models were fitted with pipes 1 5/8" in diameter while the home market had 1 1/2" pipes that stepped up to 1 5/8" at the end so both variations could use the same mufflers. Today the home market type pipes are often the only ones available.

Exhaust Pipes
#A4000 - Atlas/650SS, original U.S. 1 5/8"dia. - out of stock (having trouble find a proper fitting set).
#A4050 - Dunstall Style Swept Backs are not currently available nor do we have a date when they will be.

Mufflers - The 650ss, Atlas, early Commando and most late Dommies used the same mufflers, all with 1 5/8" inlets regardless of the diameter of the exhaust pipes main body.
 #A4070 from Andover Norton at $349 a pair.


P11 High Level Exhaust Pipes - #A4200 - $189.00
P11 Short (12") Muffler Set for High Level pipes - #A4201 - $199.00
P11 Mufflers for European style low pipes -  #M4120 - $189.00

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