We stock a good selection of the most commonly requested genuine Norton (Andover Norton) replacement parts and will be increasing our selection in the future. Andover is making an effort to reintroduce many parts that have not been available including "factory" seats which are illustrated at the bottom of this page. Parts without a price were sold out at printing time. Items marked “SO” are Special Order only at this time.

Also listed are a small number of after market parts which normally have C at the end of the part number. These items are either no longer available as factory parts or are good quality items priced substantially below factory prices.

To view the PDF you will require a PDF reader. If the free Adobe Acrobat Reader is not already installed on your system you can do so by clicking on the link below. Once installed and the file opened, we suggest you go to "View" and make sure that both the "Read" mode and "Show Toolbar" are selected for best viewing.

    S Headlight Ring + L & R Mount
   #06-1239 -  #06-1238 -  #06-1245
2LS Brake Assembly - #06-3281 Clutch & Brake Lever Set - #06-0690/1  
Intermediate Gear Support Tool
Engine Stand - #06-7335 Ft Iso Kit - MK3 Eng Mnt - #06-7116
Ft Iso Kit - pre-MK3 Mnt  - #06-7337
    750 Roadster Seat - #06-1766 750 Interstate Seat - #06-3183 Fastback Seat - #06-0501


850 Roadster Seat, 1973 - #06-3676

850 Interstate Seat, 1973 - #06-3677 "S" Seat - #06-1168
850 Roadster Seat, 1974 - #06-5234

850 Interstate Seat, 1974 - #06-3582  
    MK3 Roadster Seat - #06-5612

MK3 Interstate Seat - #06-3677

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