For proper function, the spoke holes in a rim must be drilled to match the hub it will be laced to. Because of the investment required to stock both steel and alloy rims in the various widths and diameters available for all the models we deal with, we normally order alloy rims from our suppliers as they are needed. Though this may cause a slight delay in delivering your rims, it insures you will get the correct one at the lowest possible cost.

Rim Width - If you are replacing the rims on your bike with the factory size you should also be planning on running the original tire size. If you are considering increasing your tire size for improved traction, looks or wear you will probably need wider rims. A typical 90/90 front and 110/90 rear need WM2 & WM3 rims as minimum, move up to 100/90 front and 120/80 rear and you need aWM3 & WM4. Remember these are not optimum rim sizes they are minimum recommended width. Incorrect rim sizes  reduce tire performance. Most major tire manufacturers have websites, www.avon-tyres.co.uk/motorcycle/ and www.dunlopmotorcycle.com being just two, where recommended rim widths are included in the tire specifications. A WM2 rim measures 1.85", WM3 2.15" and WM4 2.50"

Alloy Rims - Akront, which were the most popular alloy rims for vintage motorcycles, ceased operations in 1998 and their shouldered rims have pretty much disappeared from the market. Morad purchased the Akront tooling and we have begun stocking these in limited numbers. They are currently the most popular option for those wanting a shouldered polished rim. Sizes are limited.

Italian made Borrani polished shouldered rims are becoming available again in limited sizes and run in the $285 - $315 range.

Shouldered Japanese Excel are available in the most popular "British" sizes. They are similar in style to the Akront in style and are the highest quality rim of its kind available. Excels available in the US usually come with a silver-anodized finish instead of being polished so care must be taken not to damage the finish. 19" rims are available in WM2 & WM3 widths. 18" rims are available in WM2, WM3 & WM4 widths. All run $260.00 each. Call for availability.

We currently have a small number of shouldered Excel rims drilled for Norton hubs at $199.00 that are polished, not anodized. Sizes, as well as quantity are very limited. All use standard size spokes and nipples. Matching stainless steel spoke kits are also in stock

WM3 x 19" -  Front Disc - #N0366            WM3 x 18" - Front Disc - #N0368
WM3 x 19" -  F/R Drum -  #N0376            WM3 x 18" - F/R Drum  - #N0378

Steel Rims - English made chrome plated rims are available for most BSA and Triumph models in addition to the Norton ones shown below. Call for availability and price.

The following rims are normally in stock:

WM2 x 19 for Commando front disc. - #N0400 - $194.00
WM2 x 19 for Commando rear disc. - #N0401 - $194.00
WM2 x 19 for Norton front or rear drum. - #N0403 - $194.00
WM2 x 18 for Norton front or rear drum. - #N0404 - $189.00
WM3 x 18 for Norton front or rear drum. - #N0405 - $189.00

Stainless Steel Rims - We have a limited number of "economy" priced Commando stainless rims.

WM2 x 19 for Commando front disc. - #N0410 - $149.00
WM2 x 19 for Norton front or rear drum. - #N0415 - $149.00

Stainless Steel Spokes
- Stainless steel spokes & nipples for most British models run $80 to $105 per wheel depending on gauge, nipple type, etc. Call for current prices and availability on spoke sets.


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