We have a limited number of  "Classic Racing" shocks for cafe Featherbeds and Commandos. Supplied with a black damper body and chrome spring, they are available either with a chrome upper dust cover or with a fully exposed spring. They are very period looking as it was common in the 60's for those those building a race or cafe bike to either totally remove the
dust covers that came on the factory Girling shocks or discard the black upper and replace it with the chrome lower. While more expensive than the standard NJB shocks and not having the standard spring pre-load adjuster, they have superior damping qualities as fitting a shock designed for racing. Remember these are intended for use on lightened race/cafe and average size riders not two up touring.

The Commando versions (shown with the upper cover) are fitted with a shorter spring than normally seen to insure chainguard clearance. The Featherbed models are ideal for either cafe Nortons or Tritons.
Commando Exposed Springs -  #S0520  -  $199.00   Slimline Exposed Springs -  #S0500  -  $199.00
Commando Covered Springs -  #S0530  -  $216.00   Slimline Covered Springs -  #S0510  -  $216.00
      Wideline Covered Springs -  #S0490  -  $216.00


We are currently going through their offerings for British models and have begun stocking their vintage 14 Series shocks & matching springs  for the Commando at #S0140  -  $205.00 per set.

Andover Norton - AN has recently introduced its own brand of shocks. Commando models are available with and without a chrome top shroud/cover. Both have black bodies and chrome springs. Slimline shocks are currently offered only fully shrouded as were the originals. Damping is supposed to be similar to the original Girling and NJG shocks but with proper mounting bushings installed.

This is the successor to the original Girling line of shocks and may be one of the better values (performance vs. price) at this time. However while function seems fine their finish is not what it could be. We are still in the process of evaluating the offering of this line and will have more details posted shortly.


Koni shocks with adjustable dampening were our personal favorites and are in use on our vintage race bike. They were a great improvement over both OEM and most aftermarket shocks - at a price considerably lower than the "built to order" brands. When Koni ceased production a new company bought the tooling and reintroduced the line under the IKON label. Unfortunately original Ikon importer found an unacceptable number of these shocks to be defective on arrival and dropped the line. Some if not all the original problems have been corrected and we are looking at the line in the future. Current prices run in the $460 range. 


An economy shock similar in looks to the NJBs. Available only in 12.9" length for Triumph (exposed or covered spring styles) or Commando (exposed springs only). Functionality is about what you would expect for the price but surprisingly the cosmetics have been quite good.


Sold for over ten years, NJB shocks have been proven to be very reliable for street use. The shock body is made in Taiwan by a company with 40 years experience in the motorcycle field, the springs and optional shrouds are made in England. NJB is owned by an ex Girling engineer and, once installed, the shocks are hard to tell from Girlings.

Model EMGO std. EMGO w/covers NJB std. NJB w/covers Andover std. Andover w/covers
   Wideline Models     S0420 - $ 139.00 S0430 - $ 185.00    
   Slimline Models - Fully Shrouded           S0455 - $179.00
   Comm 68-75 With Chrome Top Cover Only       S0450 - $ 179.00   S0454 - $169.00
   Comm 68-75 With Fully Exposed Springs  S0630 - $ 99.00    S0440 - $ 139.00   S0453 - $149.00  
   1954 - 59 500/650 non unit     S0420 - $ 139.00 S0430 - $ 185.00    
   3TA/5TA 1958-66     S0400 - $ 139.00 S0410 - $ 149.00    
   T100/TR6/T120 1960 - 71 S0600 - $ 99.00 S0610 - $ 199.00 S0420 - $ 139.00 S0430 - $ 185.00    
   T100 1963 - 67     S0420 - $ 139.00 S0430 - $ 185.00    
   T120/T140/TR7 1972 - 82     S0400 - $ 139.00 S0410 - $ 149.00    
   T140 Upside down            
   Trident 1968 - 77     S0420 - $ 139.00 S0430 - $ 185.00    

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