Our stainless parts are sourced from a number well know firms in the US & UK. They are produced from high grade stainless and equal or exceed factory requirements for strength and dimensional accuracy. Though more expensive than standard parts, with minimal care they will never need replacement and they require much less effort than plated, painted or plain steel parts to keep looking good. In a small number of cases we offer the same part from two suppliers at two different prices. This is done to offer you a choice - both parts will function correctly and price variations occurs for a number of reasons but in our offerings it usually due to cosmetics. A lower cost part usually is not polished quite as well as the more expensive one or has a slight difference in shape (when function is not affected) that has made it cheaper to make. All the parts are well made so you get to balance price vs. cosmetics. Lower cost items have an EV (economy version) in the description and (usually) an E as the last character in the part number.

New - We now offer a front and rear Wheel Spindle Dome Nut Set and Matching Rear Spindle for Commando Models. For the last few years we have offered our own Front Wheel Spindle (MCW040) as we had seen too many where either the dimensions or threading was not to our liking. While others may not, we prefer a closed end (Domed) spindle nut - no right or wrong just what you like. The sample nut we liked the best (not a true "Domed" nut but a "Flat" closed end variation) both didn't match the shape of the rear spindle (actually most others available were not perfect copies) and was going to cost us considerably more than our current selling price. After much thought we decided to go all the way and have a set made to our taste and standards. To get all the pieces to match we started with a new rear spindle (MCR006). The nut end, unlike most others, was not made from hex stock but is machined to shape for a much better finish. The balance of the part is not simply turned to size but is ground. The nut for the dummy axle (MCR007) is also machined to shape opposed to using hex stock. The front nut (MCW041) is a duplicate of the rear except for a shorter shoulder as per the factory version. The only down side to this set is, because of the closed design, if you have incorrectly size spacers, etc. in the front end it is possible for the spindle to bottom out against the nut before the hub is properly drawn up against the fork slider. See photo below.

The Parts / Price list is produced in Portable Document Format (PDF). Use of this format means the information will not be reformatted by your browser and by means of the Adobe Reader Toolbar you can easily change text size for easy viewing, print all or part of the list and perform search functions.  In most cases if you know the current part number of the item you want to replace you can search on that number (use xxxxxx not xx-xxxx) or a key word – brake, spindle, etc.

To view the PDF you will require a PDF reader. If the free Adobe Acrobat Reader is not already installed on your system you can do so by clicking on the link below. Once installed and the file opened, we suggest you go to “View” and make sure that both the “Read” mode and “Show Toolbar” are selected for best viewing.

Please note - The stainless part numbers are coded to allow you to determine if the part is suitable for your model:
M = Stainless Group C = Commando F = All Featherbed D = Dommie, 650SS & Atlas
E = Engine G = G/Box, Etc. R = Rear Wheel & Brakes W = Ft Wheel, Forks, Etc

    Front Spindle #MCW040 - Nut #MCW041
    Rear Spindle  #MCR006  - Nut #MCR007

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