Produced from high grade stainless by Stainless Engineering in England, they equal or exceed factory requirements for strength and dimensional accuracy. Though more expensive than standard parts, with minimal care they will never need replacement and they require much less effort than plated, painted or plain steel parts to keep looking good. Hundreds of items are available for Triumphs, those listed below are the first to be stocked Part numbers followed by * were still in transit at the time of printing and their prices may change on arrival. If there is a specific item you require that is not listed please call to find out it's current availability.

The Parts / Price list is produced in Portable Document Format (PDF). Use of this format means the information will not be reformatted by your browser and by means of the Adobe Reader Toolbar you can easily change text size for easy viewing, print all or part of the list and perform search functions.  

To view the PDF you will require a PDF reader. If the free Adobe Acrobat Reader is not already installed on your system you can do so by clicking on the link below. Once installed and the file opened, we suggest you go to “View” and make sure that both the “Read” mode and “Show Toolbar” are selected for best viewing.

Please note - The stainless part numbers are coded to allow you to determine if the part is suitable for your model:
M = Manu. Code P = Pre unit only U = Unit construction only UP = Both

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