Workshop Tools - Norton factory tools are listed at the beginning of our Norton Factory parts page.

Engine Tools - Besides those listed, we can supply a wide variety of tools for working on Triumph and BSA engines. If you have a specific need call and ask.

Description Part # Price
Norton Timing Pinion Extractor  N4000 $ 76.00
Norton Rocker Spindle Extractor. N4005  
Timing Disc - High quality aluminum timing disc U1050 $ 11.95
Valve Spring Compressor - Fits most British models. U1080 $ 54.95
Fork Tube Puller Tool with plastic case - Fits most British models U1085 $ 89.00.
Triumph Fork Seal Holder Tool - Removes/installs fork seal holders on 1964 through 1970 models. T0250 $ 58.95

Wrench & Socket Sets
- Probably because the US was the single largest customer, later Norton and Triumph models started to be fitted with standard American thread styles (UNF & UNC) and nut/bolt head sizes (Norton started with the introduction of the Commando). When working on these models a good quality set of US pattern wrenches and sockets are a must - however the conversion was never completed so a mix of US & British sizes is common and British tools are also needed. The following sets fit nuts and bolts of both the Whitworth system, where size was determined by measuring across the hex points, and the later British Standard system, where dimensions were taken across the flats. Dimensions listed are Whitworth. Add 1/16" to these sizes to determine the later BS size the wrench/socket fits.
Some sets we normally carry are currently unavailable and we are looking for replacements so we have only listed items that are in stock

Description Part # Price
8 Piece Box / Open End Set - 1/8 to 9/16 in 1/16th steps U1063 $ 43.95
6 Piece 3/8” Drive Socket Set - 1/8; 3/16; 1/4; 5/16; 3/8; 7/16 U1070 $ 36.95
8 Piece 3/8” Drive Socket Set - 1/8; 3/16; 1/4; 5/16; 3/8; 7/16; 1/2; 9/16 U1071 $ 58.95

7" Safety Wire Pliers
- The only way to get your race bike through tech is by safety wiring everything in sight. These make the job much easier. #U1020 - $28.95

CRA Fork Top Nut Spanner - Our aluminum fork top nuts are made from 13/8" hex stock. Sockets of this size are not common, and a large adjustable wrench is often substituted. This is both awkward and risks damage to the nuts and nearby instruments. To prevent this we have produced a spanner (shown on the Norton Fork page) machined from 1/4" thick 6061-T6 aluminum which works the nut's flats instead of the points. Take $3.00 off the price if ordered with our alloy top nuts. #N0009 - $14.95

CRA Oil Seal Retainer Peg Spanner
- Unlike traditional alloy oil seal retainers, ours have the holes used to tighten/loosen them located on the top surface so they are hidden from view when in use. Our peg spanner picks up three of the four holes in the retainer to minimize any elongation of the holes and works with both the retainer styles we offer. #N0005 - $21.95

Tire Pressure Gauge - A high quality 0 - 60 PSI gauge from ACCU-GAGE. The large dial is easy to read and the remote pick-up allows access to the most awkwardly placed the valve stems.  

#U205 - $23.75

Tool Bags

Description Part # Price
Small (6" x 10", 8" when folded over) with Norton logo N3500  
Large (15" x 12", 8" when folded over) with Norton logo N3501 $ 29.95

Fork Oils
- The factory has traditionally recommended SAE20 for Norton forks, under some climate conditions and types of usage we have had better performance with 30 weight. We stock PJ1 1/2 liter containers of both types at $8.75. However, due to shipping cost and restrictions, unless you are picking up your order in person it is probably more cost effective to buy it locally. If you can't find it (most modern forks use 5 - 10 weight so that is what most dealers stock) we will gladly ship it to you.

Morris Golden Engine Oil - Yes we are old, remember black & white 12" TVs (you watched while eating your TV diner) and still prefer a flip vs. smart phone. We also like single viscosity oils in old engines vs. multi-weights. Modern oils are slicker than those of 40 years ago - less internal friction which is good except maybe when trying to break in cast iron rings, etc. - and most lack the additives needed for the antiques we ride. Morris makes a variety of oils specifically for older engines - it is not cheap, we currently have 40 & 50 weight @ $9.85 a liter / 46.25 5 liter jug + shipping - but well worth the price to baby your pride & joy. Again we suggest finding it locally (to find a stocking dealer near you contact for Classic Oil Supply at or buying directly from Classic Oil. We can ship it if all else fails.

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