A "Triton" is simply the result of replacing the original Norton engine in any of the Featherbed models with a Triumph engine. Early versions were usually true racing machines using a complete "Manx" rolling chassis and Triumph 500 twin. The 500 Manx engine was a desirable power plant for a British car racing class and as Norton would not sell  engines the only way to get one was to buy a complete race bike. After stripping out the engine and transmission the rest was sold off rather cheaply to racers who could not afford the price of a complete Manx or the cost of keeping the engine running and competitive.

With the exception of the head steady, behind the gearbox battery carrier, rearsets and engine plates a traditional Triton will use the same cycle parts as found on our Cafe Parts - Norton Featherbed page.

Triton Engine Plates - Because of parts availability, most Tritons built in the US use a Slimline frame from an Atlas or other twin cylinder model and a Triumph Unit 650 or 750 engine. We now offer our own 1/4" 6061 aluminum engines plates for this frame/engine combination. The four piece plate set with spacers is CNC machined in the US and comes with a "fly cut" finish that can be used as is, engine turned or polished. Unlike most other sets, it is not necessary to remove the lower front frame brackets to install them but they still both work and look correct if the brackets have already been removed. These plates have a better fit and finish than sets we have been able to offer in the past and at a lower price. Also included is a custom made, stainless steel front engine mounting stud of the correct length, heavy duty washers and both plain and nylock nuts. #A6030 - $239.00


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