Brake Shoes - These are new production, high quality Ferodo brake sets with bonded linings.  

Triumph rear to 1970 (37-1406/7) - #T0405
Triumph 2LS front 1966-67 (37-1732/3) - #T0402

Brake Pads - Standard factory Lockheed 2P caliper and cast iron disc. Ferodo High performance - #G035

Grimeca 2- Piston Caliper - An economical, non-handed Italian made copy of the Lockheed CP2696. While the fining was eliminated, none of the performance was. Unlike the Lockheed caliper fitted from the factory these are aluminum not steel and  use a metric brake line fitting fitting and 10MM mounting bolts. If requested we will include bushings for use with 3/8" mounting bolts. - #G0300  -  $210.00

Adapter - Allows use of  the original Triumph UNF brake line with this caliper - #G030B  -  $12.25

Rebuild Kit for Grimeca caliper - #G030A  -  $11.95

Stainless Front Disc - Direct bolt on 10" replacement disc (rotor) with aluminum center. - #T0550 - $249.00

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