While �Factory� exhausts have not been produced for decades, aftermarket systems for most 1949 and later models are available. At this time we stock a very limited variety of pipes and mufflers for Triumphs but can normally special order OEM style units and receive them within 48 hours. The items shown below we try to keep in stock at all times. Mufflers and pipes are priced as a pair, all other items priced each.

Swept Back Exhaust Pipes - All versions currently unavailable
#T406 - 1 1/2" dia. clamp-on style pipes for 650/750 engines fitted with early style exhaust spigots.

#T405 - 1 1/2" dia. push-in style pipes for the later 650/750 models that came without the exhaust spigots in the head.

#T408 - Clamp on style for 500 unit twins.
Note - All "Swept Back" pipes require the use of rear-sets. Over the past couple of years we have worked with the pipe's manufacturer to redesign them to more closely resemble the Dunstall versions of the 60's. The first batch of redesigned pipes have arrived and provide the look we desired along with better ground clearance.

Exhaust Pipes

High Level Pipes - #T407 - 1 3/8" dia. for 650's (OEM #70-4884/86). This single pipe per side pair is equally at home on the street or track - desert, dirt or road race.

Exhaust Pipe Clamps -  Factory style (late 650 #71-0216) chrome plated,  fined clamps to secure the exhaust pipe to the exhaust adaptors. Both an English and lower cost Taiwanese version are available. Supplied less the clamping bolt. Priced Each
English - #T404- $29.95      Taiwan - #T404T - $15.95

#T402 - These are an economy version of the Commando Peashooter reverse cone mufflers but designed to bolt up to the T140.  $199.00

#M408 - The Daytona - A 26" long reverse cone muffler with internal baffling. Fits either 1 3/8" or 1 1/2" exhaust pipes.

Muffler Clamps - Use a clamp one size larger than the exhaust pipe. Ex. - A 1 1/2" pipe needs a 1 5/8" clamp.

#M4310 - 1 1/2" I.D. Chrome - $8.50 
#M4320 - 1 5/8" I.D. Chrome - $8.50
#M4330 - 1 3/4" I.D. Chrome - $9.90
#M4330 - 1 3/4" I.D. Chrome - $5.50
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