T120R Bonneville


The T120R Bonneville pictured, though recently constructed, is typical of the cafe conversions of the 60s and early 70s. We can supply everything needed to convert your standard (or basket case) 500/650 model into a classic cafe racer. We also have a limited number of items pre-oil in frame models into a classic cafe racer.

Classic 3-Gallon Cafe Tank & Dual Seat - Designed to fit either the 500 or the 650 frame, both items are supplied with a bright red gel coat finish. The tank has a locking chrome flip up filler cap, dual petcock outlets and uses the original front mounting brackets but requires some custom fitting at the rear. The seat has a built in fender, locking toolbox, is upholstered in textured black vinyl and allows use of the standard seat mounting hinges. A seat without fender or toolbox (see Featherbed Classic Seat #A937) is also available.

T904 currently sold out - T903 requires coating and is available @ $345 (including a Caswell coating kit) for those willing to do their own tank lining.

Tank for 650s - #T904 - $ 419.00             Seat w/fender - #T905 - $199.00
Tank for 500s - #T903   $ 419.00   Seat less fender - #T906 - $ 179.00

Front Fender - Both a clamp on fiberglass fender in bright red to fit the pre-oil in frame forks, as shown above, and a polished aluminum model are available. Manx pattern "Y" front mounting brackets are available for the alloy fender.

Fiberglass - #T800 - Temp Out of Stock
Aluminum - #A809 - Temp Out of Stock
"Y" Mount - #T804 - $ 69.95

Swept-Back Exhaust Pipes - First seen on the BSA Gold Star, Norton Manx and other singles, swept back pipes for twins were made popular (and available) by the efforts of Paul Dunstall. Ours are made in England, have a 1 1/2" OD and are available for the 650/750 twins in both the early clamp on (heads with pressed in exhaust flanges) and later push in styles.

Clamp on - #T406 - Awaiting next shipment
Push in - #T405 - Awaiting next shipment

Gold Star Pattern Mufflers - Popular in the 60"s, these mufflers offer a period look and unique sound. Designed to be used with 1 1/2" pipes, they are of "straight through" design but not excessively loud. They are supplied in right & left hand pairs and can be adapted to work on most British twins. - #M400 - $319.00

Aluminum Engine Plates - Due to customer request, we have had replacement engine plates made for use with our T504 rear sets. Made from high grade aluminum, they are a modified version of the factory ones being 1/4" thick with a very nice "fly cut" finish that can be used as is, buffed to a high polish or engine turned as the customer desires. The plates are pre-drilled with frame to engine and rear set mounting holes only for a nice clean look. They have also been slightly enlarged at the rear edge to provide a better plate to frame fit (less gap) and may require minor hand fitting on some machines (Aluminum Plates for use with the stock footpegs can be found on the Cycle Parts/Triumph page.) #T505 - $95.00


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